Industrial Style Interior Design For Your Home

Some of the latest trends in interior home design have begun focusing on a minimalistic style where less is more and leaving certain aspect of your room raw or unfinished. This can provide the homeowner with a very modern looking home which doesn’t cost a lot of money to decorate. One of these trending styles is known as industrial-style and it incorporates many features that you would expect to see in a factory setting including oversized industrial lighting, exposed ductwork on the ceiling and simple, industrial looking metal chairs in the dining room and eat-in kitchens.

     If you are considering an industrial look for your home, keep reading to see what makes up an industrial style design as well as some tips that will help you achieve this look for less.

What Makes Up Industrial Interior Home Design?

Rough Or Exposed Brick Walls- industrial interior design style doesn’t need smooth walls with perfectly plastered edges. You can either leave your brick walls fully or partially exposed and create a rough look by leaving some of the plaster work unfinished.

Concrete Or Wood Floors- the smooth look of concrete or weathered look of an unrestored hardwood floor can give your home an industrial look without costing a lot of money. Carpet and tile are expensive flooring solutions and add a warmth that is not typically needed in an industrial styled home.

Open Ceilings With Exposed Girders, Ductwork And Pipes- no need for an expensive ceiling treatment with industrial style, you can leave the beams, ductwork and plumbing exposed. To add even more depth and style to your room, paint the ceiling, including any ductwork and pipes, black or a dark grey.

Industrial Furniture- choosing dark coloured furniture and metal bar stools can give your home an industrial look as well as providing practical seating for you and your guests. Avoid bold colours and try to keep any decorative features to a minimum.

Oversized, Industrial Windows- large windows made of steel with a retro look can give your home an industrial look and let in some much needed natural light. For even more style, choose industrial windows that include many smaller panes.

Open Floor Plan- what industrial style home interior would be complete without an open floor plan? The more space the better to achieve a true industrial look! If you do want to divide certain areas of your home, use cabinets or wooden screens as a divider.

Industrial Lighting- oversized industrial lighting not only provides light for your home, but an element of style that will help complete your industrial look.

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