Upcoming Bar And Restaurant Trends For 2019

If you are a bar or restaurant owner, you know how difficult it can be to remain innovative while still staying true to your culture and your menu. For many restaurant owners, your menu dictates the style and theme of your front on house areas. From your entry and bar area, to your dining rooms and pre-table seating areas, if they don’t have the appearance your guests have in their minds when they choose your restaurant, it could become confusing and take away from their dining experience.

     Fortunately, trends in the bar and restaurant industry aren’t as harsh as they are in the world of fashion. You can still follow many of the latest industry trends without rethinking your theme or menu. Let’s take a look at 3 upcoming bar and restaurant trends for 2019:

The Top Bar And Restaurant Trends To Look For In 2019

Locally Grown Produce- farm to table and locally grown are important trends in the restaurant industry and it means the freshest produce possible with many seasonal offerings that can become features or even mainstays of your menu.

     People want healthier food options and they want to know where their food comes from. If it is locally grown and the money they spend it going back into the community, they will choose your bar or restaurant over those who don’t offer locally grown and sourced produce, meats, cheeses and spirits.

Craft Brews- the craft beer movement is still going strong and, as more and more local breweries open up, diners are expecting to see their local favourites at every bar, pub and restaurant they visit. Invite your guests to pull of an all-metal, retro inspired Sganello Due barstool and have an IPA with their dinner.

Warm And Friendly Atmosphere- chain restaurants do a very good job at providing good food at a good price. While they are typically friendly places to eat, many of them are missing that warmth that local restaurants offer. They are quickly noticing this and opting for that ‘friendly pub atmosphere’ their guests want. If your restaurant seems more chain oriented than warm and friendly, make some minor front of house changes that can give it a neighbourhood appeal and show your guests that they are welcome and appreciated.

     Simple décor changes can include adding pieces from local artists to hang on the walls, getting rid of those bulky barstools and choosing less formal metal barstools instead and adding something from the community whether it is local team gear or Uni banners in the bar area.

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